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Expertise and Experience - No other company in Southwest Florida has the combined experience and expertise as Flint and Doyle. Having moved hundreds or structural buildings we have knowledge, the staff and the infrastructure to meet any situation. Working as consultants or in the field we help you get the job done right.

Customer Support and Communication - You know how important timely communication is ... we do to. Voice mail hell is common in this industry but not with us. We're old school communicators ... we maintain a full time office staff that is dedicated to taking calls and managing communications on your behalf. One call to our customer support team is all you need to make. We manage all communications with our workers in the field to maximize efficiency and minimize your frustration.

ASC Certified Master TechnicianWell trained staff - In addition to our office staff we maintain a full time ASC Certified Master Mechanic to ensure the Flint and Doyle fleet of equipment is always running at peak performance. We have full-time service technicians that do regular preventative maintenance on all our equipment to avoid down time. We have over 30 people dedicated to working and serving you. Flint and Doyle are unsurpassed when it comes to knowledge and experience to meet any need ... no job is outside our skill sets.

25 Vehicle Fleet- If it's over sized - over weight - over height we can handle it. We have 9 heavy hauling tractors for moving the largest of equipment. We have 17 tractors with over 35 beds for moving all types of construction material, supplies and equipment. With our extensive and well maintained fleet we can respond quicker than anyone else in the business.

Hi-Tech Structural Moving Equipment - Our structural moving hydraulic system is truly state of the art. Able to move millions of tons of weight with high precision. While other structural moving companies use this technology we are unique in that we maintain two units, ensuring the we are able to deliver as promised. Flint and Doyle were chosen by Lee County to move over 200 homes for the Mid-Point Cape Coral bridge project. If you need structural movers Flint and Doyle is the best choice for you. Let us prove that to you. Call Us Today!

We get there on time - every time. Heavy hauling of construction equipment and supplies is what we do. You can have us responding to your needs within minutes. Meeting those demanding and stressful turn around times that sometimes happen is where we shine. We can respond with same day pick-ups and deliveries. We have been serving contractors and supply houses for over 50 years - You can depend on us.

Competitive Cost and Pricing Let's face it, in these tough times price matters. Our efficiency and experience enable us to keep prices low. We meet and exceed expectations of our customers. When you calculate the cost associated with poor service and slow response time, common in our industry, no-one competes with us on the value and price of our moving services. Call on us when you need dependable, on time, competitively priced services. We promise to deliver for you like no one else can.

If you have a special project or structural move Flint and Doyle are the Industry leaders. We can move anything regardless of weight, shape, size, age or distance. Although based in Fort Myers, Florida we serve clients all throughout the United States and even across the world. We are confident that we can meet what ever need or challenge you face. Call us today. 239-334-2192