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Helical Piling

Helical pilings are ideal for new construction and are widely considered the best support systems for foundations in wet areas, environmentally sensitive areas or areas with fill or spoil materials. Helical pilings also provide an excellent remedial solution to support and restore settling basement and porch columns, interior concrete slab floors, garage floors, porches and patios. Helical pilings may be installed in conjunction with push piers and they are fully compliant with FEMA regulations regarding the Coastal Construction Control Line.

Helical Pilings are hydraulically twisted or turned into the soil much like a corkscrew. The pilings contain one or more "flights" that pull the unit into the soil. These pilings are screwed down until they reach soil that is thick enough to support the desired result. Since they are screwed in, they cannot be pushed or pulled out. They can be used to either support a structure or to keep a structure from coming away from the soil such as a retaining wall or a home on a hillside. These types of piers can also be used as pre-construction piers to prevent future foundation failure.

Helical pilings are made in a variety of configurations to support a variety of structures. The proper selection of the proper piling is an important calculation the service contractor must make prior to quoting a job.

Push Piers

Push Pier Systems utilize high-strength round steel tube sections and a load transfer bracket to stabilize and/or lift sinking or settling foundations. The foundation bracket is secured against the existing footing and pier sections are driven hydraulically through the foundation bracket and into the soil below using the combined structural weight and any contributory soil load as resistance. Pier sections are continuously driven until a suitable load bearing stratum is encountered. At that point, the structure either begins to lift or the target pressure/load is achieved. The weight of the structure is then transferred from the unstable soil, to the foundation brackets, through the piers, and to firm load bearing soil or bedrock.

Push piers can be installed in tighter areas and do not require moderately heavy equipment to install since the utilize the weight of an existing structure to drive them in to the ground.

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