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The Miracles of Historical Steeple Restored by Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC in Florida

Cover Story in December 2006 ... Awarded as "The Most Unusual Move"

In 1960 the St. Francis Xavier Church Steeple in Ft. Myers was damaged by a hurricane. Tom Doyle, Jr. removed the steeple and stored it in the Flint and Doyle equipment yard where it remained until 2004. When the congregation wanted the steeple restored, to use as a monument, second generation owner Tommy Doyle, III of Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC, completed this historical project. Yes, some 44 years later...here's the story.

In 2005 the steeple was returned to the parking lot of St. Francis Xavier. While being stored in the parking lot a base was constructed and rotten wood and damaged copper from the steeple were repaired. While this repair was being performed the steeple faced another Hurricane when Dennis hit Ft. Myers. Miraculously the steeple survived some 100 mile per hour winds without further damage.

While hurricane Dennis delayed the project once again, the steeple was finally placed on its new foundation in the early fall of 2005. Within a few weeks another hurricane, Wilma, hit the Ft. Myers area ... again the steeple incurred no damage. This incredible story made the cover of Structural Mover Magazine in December 2006 ... Awarded as “The Most Unusual Move"

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