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Consolidate Historical Sites ... Preserve Historical Buildings

Historical Building Movers - Consolidate Historical Sites and Preserve Historical Buildings

If a historical building is in danger of being demolished for a parking lot or the latest condominium development, we can help save it by moving it to another location. There are many reasons for moving historic buildings. Usually it's to accommodate a road being widened, or the buildings themselves may be being damaged by vandalism or harsh weather conditions. Historical building relocation is an effective way to preserve historical structures.

Working with the Division of Historic Preservation and with community activists we can preserve historical buildings and consolidate historical sites. These can create cultural centers for community education as well as income potential for city and towns by charging small entry fees to preserve and protect these important historical sites.

Moving Historical Buildings - Old historical buildings are more fragile and require a greater degree of expertise to ensure they are properly preserved. Never trust the moving of these historical buildings to just anyone. While it's easy to look to for local contractors who may have the ability to move such a structure, it requires much more care and precision to protect these valuable properties. Use experienced historical moving companies to ensure the historical building preservation move goes successfully.

Specialized Historical Building Movers - As historical building structural movers, Flint and Doyle has state of the art hydraulic equipment to ensure the integrity of historical structures. We have sophisticated equipment that can lift, balance, support and move any structure regardless of size or shape. These highly sophisticated hydraulic lifters and weight balancing sensors ensure the moving of historical buildings takes place efficiently and with great care.

Dismantle and Reconstruct - Some have chosen to dismantle historical buildings and to reconstruct them. This creates problems and always ultimately destroys some of the most detailed work that can never be recreated. Losing forever some of the most unique characteristics of historical interest. Historical relocation on the other hand is more cost effective and ultimately better for the historical preservation of these monumental historical sites.

Historical Building Relocation - Flint and Doyle, with over 50 years’ experience as structural movers, is uniquely qualified for any historical preservation project. Using our team of movers along with proven methods of managing and moving historical buildings, you will not damage the historical structure or the fabric of the building. Even the historical detailed contents are preserved.

Flint and Doyle remains the industry leaders in historical moves. We can move anything regardless of weight, shape, size, age or distance. Although based in Fort Myers, Florida we serve clients all throughout the United States and even across the world. We are confident that we can meet whatever need or challenge you face. Call us today. 239-334-2192

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Historical Moves in Fort Myers Florida By Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC Historical Moves in Fort Myers Florida By Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC Historical Moves in Fort Myers Florida By Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC