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Our History ... 3rd Generation Structural Movers

Flint and Doyle 3rd Generation Structural Movers of Fort Myers, Florida

It all began in February of 1946 when Charlie Flint started his first business. A general store, which not having electricity was a bold move at the time for a young a man starting out. He soon added a gas pump, repaired automobiles, and with his wife’s assistance sold milk, sandwiches, and other merchandise.

A frequent visitor to the store was Tommy Doyle, who was in the Army Air Corp. ferrying planes from Buckingham Army Air Base, in Fort Myers, FL to Altus, OK for storage. Buckingham Air Base was the largest training center in the United States at that time. Tommy Doyle's experience moving planes would form the foundation for a future partnership that would become one of the leading structural moving company's in the United States.

In 1949 Doyle completed his military service and he went to Charlie with a notice of an auction of surplus equipment and supplies at the Buckingham Air Base. They entered a bid of $35.00 which was accepted. With the profit of the sale of the surplus equipment, they began a personal and professional relationship that remained intact all their lives.

Tom Doyle and Charlie Flint began buying buildings which they dismantled and then sold the lumber for profit. Their first moving job was a small tarpaper house measuring only 14' x 18'. They jacked the building up on drums using long pry poles. They couldn't get their truck under the building, so they dug a hole and backed the truck under it.

As business grew, they added trailers, trucks, jeeps, jacks, timbers and a truck crane. The increasing business forced Flint and Doyle to find a place to store their equipment. They purchased a 6-acre lot on Anderson Avenue ... now Martin Luther King Blvd. in Fort Myers.

Over the decades the sons too began working in the business, which they have inherited and expanded to be the largest structural moving company in Florida. Their expertise has brought them around the world as leading consultants in the structural moving business today. More recently, the grandsons of Charlie Flint have taken over the business and are continuing the legacy.

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If you have special project or structural move Flint and Doyle are the Industry leaders. We can move anything regardless of weight, shape, size, age or distance. Although based in Fort Myers, Florida we serve clients all throughout the United States and even across the world. We are confident that we can meet whatever need or challenge you face. Call us today. 239-334-2192