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Foundation Repair - Foundation Replacement - Structural Moving

Foundation repair and foundation replacement, along with helical pilings and push pier construction, are part of our expanded service and support offerings.

Foundation inspections, second opinions, insurance required inspections of building foundation integrity, construction certifications for structural support for the largest of projects, we have what it takes to get the job done. We specialize in a multitude of service offerings that go hand in hand with our structural moving background. Almost nothing is too large, heavy, awkwardly shaped or sized for us to handle. We have the machinery and the experienced crew to meet the needs of the biggest and heaviest construction and repair projects. Here is a list of our services offerings:

  • Relocation of homes and structures
  • Elevation of homes and structures
  • Historical Preservation
  • Industrial Rigging
  • In plant machinery moving
  • Specialized Heavy Transport
  • Foundation Repair and Replacement
  • Helical Pilings and Push Piers
  • Structural Shoring
  • We have been leading in structural moving and building foundation integrity service offerings in Florida for over 50 years. We worked for Lee County to make way for the Cape Coral mid-point bridge. We moved 200 homes and business buildings as part of the structural move project. We have moved historical buildings for the consolidation of historical sites. We have also moved buildings to preserve a structure of historical value.

    As a third generation with expertise in this unique industry, Flint and Doyle is fully qualified to meet the challenge of any structural moving or elevating situation. For any project or situation that requires heavy duty construction work or repair, we bring the latest in technology, equipment and trained personnel for maximum safety and precision. In fact, we have been recognized as the safest company in our industry by Workman's Compensation.

    Leading now in structural foundation repair and foundation replacement in addition to our structural moving expertise, Flint and Doyle's team and equipment are unparalleled. As structural movers we can move any structure regardless of size, shape, weight, age or distance. Based in Fort Myers, Florida we continue to amaze the world with what can be done in the structural moving and foundation repair and replacement industry.

    Flint and Doyle Structural Movers, LLC Structural Movers in Florida